Partnerships are core to our business and we are looking for partners who are seeking to do more with RNA

Partnering with VaxEquity

The extent of VaxEquity’s intellectual property portfolio ensures that RNA assets can be designed and developed rapidly, whilst advances in nucleic acid technology enable rapid manufacturing at commercial scales. VaxEquity’s proprietary technology can be applied to vaccines and therapeutics, and we are interested to hear from partners with therapeutic or vaccine programs that would benefit from a license to our technology to increase delivery of proteins for research, clinical and commercial applications. VaxEquity has a portfolio of its own products and we are seeking partners who recognise the opportunities presented by our internal programs.

What to expect when partnering with VaxEquity

Partnering behaviours are a core competency at VaxEquity and we understand both the importance and the challenges of working with partners. We have experienced Strategic Alliance Managers who are experts in managing all types of Alliances. Through implementation of Alliance best practices and seeking solutions that benefit both partners fairly, our goal for our Alliances is to deliver outcomes that neither partner could achieve alone.

Selected information on our current partners

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