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PRESS RELEASE: VaxEquity Announces Expansion at Cambridge Science Park and of its Senior Team

Appoints Directors of Alliance Management and Finance

13 May 2022

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VaxEquity helps move the goalpost for RNA vaccines

The development of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines to prevent infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been a public health achievement.

17 January 2022

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This was mRNA’s breakout year, and scientists are just getting started

Start-ups are securing money for new applications of mRNA and new versions of the technology

07 December 2021

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How to get a job in vaccine development

Our CSO, Dr Robin Shattock was recently interviewed by Nic Fleming at Nature Portfolio on the field of vaccine science, and how researchers can start working in it. When asked on advice to give to early-career researchers to work on vaccines he said, “They must be driven by scientific inquiry. They need to be flexible and resilient.”

15 November 2021

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mRNA flu shots move into trials

COVID-19 provided an opportunity to show that mRNA vaccines can work. Now, drug companies are racing to apply the technology platform for influenza.

11 October 2021

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AstraZeneca teams up with Imperial offshoot VaxEquity on an RNA 3.0 effort

Last year, Imperial College London professor Robin Shattock was given close to $50 million by the UK government to make an RNA-based Covid-19 vaccine.

23 September 2021

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AstraZeneca makes RNA play, teaming up with startup to advance twist on red-hot modality

AstraZeneca is making a play for the red-hot RNA market. Rather than move directly onto turf fought over by the likes of BioNTech, Moderna and Sanofi, AstraZeneca has teamed up with a new British startup that has put a twist on the idea of using nucleic acids to trigger production of a molecule.

23 September 2021

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PRESS RELEASE: VaxEquity Announces Strategic Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Commercialise Self-Amplifying RNA Platform

VaxEquity receives upfront equity investment and up to $195 million and royalties in the mid-single digits per programme

23 September 2021

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PRESS RELEASE: VXT is the latest member of the UK’s BioIndustry Association

Delighted that VXT is the latest member of the UK’s BioIndustry Association, which has played a such a pivotal role in driving forward COVID-19 diagnostics, tools, therapies and vaccines.

13 July 2020

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